Guess who is coming to our AGM?

Residents 3000 is happy to welcome Sally Capp our new Lord Mayor to join us for the AGM on 6th September. This is the first Thursday of September – our regular Forum 3000 event time.

We are planning to minimise the formalities and use the time to ask our Lord Mayor to update us on the City of Melbourne’s progress with the three most pressing issue that presently concern CBD residents.  These three issues are those we asked candidates for the position of Lord Mayor as few months back.  

The questions will be:

1) How are you encouraging and supporting the establishment of stronger building design guidelines and ensuring developers include estimated costs and outline the beneficial  impacts of their building on the environment and public space as part of their TPP application?

2) What is happening to address the ongoing issue of Homelessness in the CBD?

3) What directions are you steering the City of Melbourne in regard to waste management?

Not your ordinary AGM …  there will be entertainment and refreshments at the end.

Email invitations will be sent out shortly.  Members who have not yet renewed for the 2019 financial year need to renew now!  Otherwise you will not be able to vote at the AGM.

Of course Guests are most welcome.  As a guest, we ask that you pay $5 admission to cover expenses.  We hope that you will have so much fun that you decide to join our association.  Joining is easy.  Just press the join button on our web site and choose your preferred method of payment.  Membership is just $25 per annum renewable at the beginning of each financial year.

The AGM Agenda, proxy forms and meeting papers are posted on the website here.