Forum 3000 – Looking after our Mental Health

Residents 3000 are pleased to invite you to our seventh Forum 3000 of the year, which will be held at the Kelvin Club, 14-30 Melbourne Place (off Russell Street) on Thursday, 1 August 2024, from 6:00pm.

This month we are pleased to welcome guest speakers: Dr Hugh Leslie from CBD Doctors Melbourne; Nick Nicolaidis from our sponsor, Kieser Collins Street; Tristan Chooi from Reimagine Psychology Melbourne; and Ruairi Cleary & Angie Deegan from City of Melbourne, Health Support Services – who will present on looking after our Mental Health, covering the ripple effect of gratitude, social connectivity on longevity, links with physical health, and the promotion of health in the City of Melbourne.

If you’re interested in healthy activities and looking after your mental health, please put this event on your calendar.

Our guest speakers:

Dr Hugh Leslie, CBD Doctors Melbourne: Dr Leslie is a University of Melbourne graduate with a specialist qualification in General Practice who enjoys dealing with the whole person in his practice and has a keen interest in working with people to improve lifespan and more importantly, healthspan. Dr Leslie believes that a combination of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and good mental health as well as medication and supplements can prevent or delay diseases of ageing such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.

Nick Nicolaidis, Keiser Collins Street, Centre Leader & Physiotherapist: Nick is a University of Melbourne Graduate who has completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Exercise Science. He believes strongly in treating the person beyond the acute injury – considering all factors that may be contributing to their presentation. Nick is passionate about improving the long-term health outcomes of his clients through the prescription of physical activity and has seen firsthand the impact of appropriate exercise interventions on his patients’ health and lifespan.

Tristan Chooi, Reimagine Psychology Melbourne. Tristan uses a strengths and empathy-based approaches where he aims to guide his clients toward cultivating healthier strategies to live fulfilling and balanced lives. He prefers a conversational style in therapy, fostering a warm atmosphere where both therapist and client work together towards their goals. Tristan believes we can do our best work by together building trust and community connection rather than a particular psychological intervention.

Ruairi Cleary & Angie Deegan, Health Support Services, City of Melbourne: Ruairi and Angie bring experience from a local government perspective, and a genuine interest in improving community outcomes around the Health and Wellbeing Plan of the City of Melbourne.

The details of the event are:

Thursday, 1 August 2024

6:00pm for 6:30pm start

Kelvin Club, 14-20 Melbourne Place (off Russell Street), Melbourne 3000

Registration opens from 6:00pm; and guest presentations start at 6:30pm sharp.
Drinks are available from The Kelvin Club bar; with finger food served afterwards.

The event is free for our current members.

Please note, annual membership renewals fell due in July, and if you haven’t already recently renewed, you’re welcome to renew at $30 per person, per year. Non-members or non-renewing members will be asked to contribute $5 towards event costs. New memberships are welcome at $30 per person, per year.

Annual membership fees are $30 per person, per year, and will cover to the end of June next year.

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Please note, annual membership renewals fell due in July, and if you haven’t already renewed, you’re welcome to renew at $30 per person, per year. New memberships are welcome at $30 per person, per year, there is no joining fee, and will cover through to the end of June next year.

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Follow-up of Management of City Disruptions (Protests) …

Residents 3000 are pleased for those that attended our sixth Forum 3000 of the year, which was be held at the Kelvin Club, 14-30 Melbourne Place on Thursday, 4 July 2024.

Unfortunately, we heard a lot of complaints in relation to 40 weeks of non-stop protests happening every Sunday and some of the impacts caused by those protesters and the protests.

We are not against protests, but some of those especially on Sundays are affecting the livelihood of small businesses and the wellbeing of residents.

Please for those who do not live in the city remember when protesting in the city to respect others and their neighbourhood and private property.

Some info shared at the event:

  1. Each sticker (used by protesters) placed illegally on private property is costing rate payers between $62 to $92 dollars each to be removed depending on the day of the cleaning.
  2. A variety (age group) of city residents are feeling stressed and anxious being in the city on Sundays.
  3. Residents are preferring to not even leave their residence on Sundays caused by lack of feeling safe.
  4. The enormous costs to tax payers on having excessive number of police on every Sunday in order to have the protests on.
  5. The lack of support from state government for move-on laws, and enforcement law and permits to better address issues once conflicts arises.
  6. Excessive noise from protestors with drums and screaming causing excessive noise issues and anxiety to locals for 40 weeks non-stop.
  7. Protesters using streets to put stalls to commercialise merchandise related to the protest without any permits, creating an unfair environment where local small businesses and buskers currently need to apply for a permit.
  8. Antisemitic language used on t-shirts, flags, posters, and stickers.
  9. A large number of people avoiding visiting the CBD on the weekend.
  10. Federation Square could also be used as a place for a protest, and State Government to facilitate the use of it, to reduce city disruptions such as street closures and promote a safety for CBD stakeholders.
    Reasons why:
    1. It’s the biggest square in town and the only one designed for people, events, and other uses. Why is never utilised as a place for protests?
    2. It already presents a stage, and has bathroom facilities.
    3. It’s close to the biggest train station and one the biggest tram stops too, preventing patrons to leave the protesters blocking the streets and requesting large numbers of Police. Consequently creating a safe environment, cost effective, and reducing disruption to Residents and Businesses.
    4. The protests could start at Birrarung Marr and end at Federation Square. This would allow enormously less disruption to the entire city and not compromise the validation of the protest. Especially considering that Parliament House is empty on Sundays.
  11. Mobility access for those that depend on public transport, taxis, Uber, and trams to circulate around town. This includes city workers and people with disabilities, and elderly people that cannot get health workers to attend their residence during the protests.

We thank our guest speakers from City of Melbourne Safety, Security and Amenity Team, Victoria Police Melbourne East Command, and Members of Parliament who provided insights into the city disruptions caused by protests affecting the peaceful enjoyment of residents, workers, visitors, and tourists in the city.



Follow-up of Community Showcase …

Thank you to all who participated in our Community Showcase. We would particularly like to thank the local groups and organisations who were invited to present and so kindly contributed to this event:

City Precinct Traders Association
DAM Busters BCS Dragon Boat Club
Friends of Queen Victoria Market
Friends of Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Inner Melbourne Life Activity Club
Laneway Learning
Melbourne Athenaeum Library
Melbourne Ladies Committee
Melbourne Men’s Shed
Melbourne Sunrise Probus & Melbourne Bearbrass Probus
Rotary Central Melbourne & Rotary Melbourne
Royal Historical Society of Victoria
State Library Victoria
U3A Melbourne City

City of Melbourne
    Volunteering Programme
     •  Visitor Services & Premier Events
     •  Gardens for Wildlife
    City Library & narrm ngarrgu Library
     •  Book Clubs
     •  English Conversation Club
     •  English Learners’ Book Club
    Healthy Ageing & Inclusion
     •  City Baths & Group Fitness
     •  Active Melbourne Directory
     •  Out & About Activity Guide
     •  Wellbeing & Connection Map

We wish to thank our business sponsors for their support of our association and the local resident community:

Melbourne Boutique Property
Fawkner May
Kieser Collins Street
CBD Facility Management

We also wish to thank the organisations who assist in supporting our activities throughout the year:

The Kelvin Club
CBD News
City of Melbourne
Victoria Police
City Precinct



Follow-up of Waste & Recycling update …

Thank you to our guests from the City of Melbourne who provided an update on the latest waste and recycling, resource recovery, and sustainability initiatives:

  • Vince Macolino, Acting Director Waste and Recycling
  • Jordi McInerney, Manager Strategic Projects and Circular Economy
  • Steven Pilinis, Acting Manager Clean City
  • Catherine Ng, Manager Commercial Waste and Recycling Services
  • Kevin Schwieker, Manager Residential Waste and Recycling Services

Follow-up of Alison Leighton, CEO of the City of Melbourne …

Thanks to our speakers and for everyone who attended. Once again it was a great success with always interesting topics.

Our guest speaker was Alison Leighton, Chief Executive Officer of the City of Melbourne.

This was our first presentation from Alison Leighton since her appointment as CEO, having responsibility for the Executive Leadership Team and assisting in the overall leadership and governance of the City of Melbourne.

Our additional speakers were:

  • Rei Chin, Neighbourhood Partner – CBD, Community Development, City of Melbourne
  • Arthur Makridis, Leading Senior Constable, Neighbourhood Policing Co-Ordinator, Melbourne East, Victoria Police
  • Dale Huntington, Inspector, Melbourne East Local Area Commander, North West Metro Region, Victoria Police

Follow-up of Metro Tunnel Project update …

With train testing now underway, our first Forum 3000 of the year was another exciting installment in this underground breaking story which has been unfolding over the past seven years, as we near our final destination to opening of Town Hall Station and State Library Station within the CBD, next year in 2025.

We thank the presenters from the Metro Tunnel Project team, as they continued with the latest installment of this captivating underground excavation and construction journey and the project nears completion.

For slides from their presentation, follow this link:

For the latest details about the Metro Tunnel Legacy Artwork Program, follow this link:

Our guest presenters were:

  • Blythe Chidgey – Town Hall Station Communications Manager (Cross Yarra Partnership)
  • Melinda Kelly – State Library Station Communications Manager (Cross Yarra Partnership)
  • Barry McGuren – Manager, Landowner and Business Support Services (Rail Projects Victoria)