Our Committee

The committee members currently are:

  • Rafael Camillo – President, events coordinator, social media
  • Sue Saunders – Vice-President, CBD News contributor
  • Merle Willis – Secretary, membership, events reception
  • Richard Grace – Treasurer
  • Daniel Ong – CBD News contributor, event presenter, events reception
  • Denise Gowty
  • Gary Biddle
  • Jacqueline McGowan – event presenter
  • Joy Popovska
  • Julia Roberts – CBD News contributor
  • Lyn Gazal
  • Sonya Oberstar
  • Stan Capp – CBD News contributor (also EastEnders Inc. President)
  • Veronica Kimmins

Associated member volunteers currently are:

  • Rita Ellul – publications contributor, events reception
  • Toni Magor – CBD News contributor, events reception
  • Sherry Maddock – CBD News contributor, events reception

Committee meetings are held on the Thursday evening falling two weeks before each of the monthly events which are generally held on the first Thursday of every month. The date of a Committee meeting may be varied from the regular Thursday evening if a public holiday falls on that regular date.

Minutes of committee meetings are available to members upon written request.