Residents 3000 is a diverse community group of people living in the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne, the capital City of Victoria, Australia. The name derives from postcode 3000.

Our aim is to promote the wellbeing, amenity and the environment of Melbourne City by Connecting, Supporting and Informing our members, associates and subscribers.

Residents 3000 as a not-for-profit association is run by a volunteer committee. We are registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria within the State Department of Justice. We conform to formal requirements regarding our financial affairs and hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September every year – a normal safeguard in establishing voluntary bodies such as Residents 3000.

Our purpose is:

  • to encourage the growth of a balanced residential community in the postcode 3000 area;
  • to encourage the development of facilities and activities which will assist the existing and potential population of the City;
  • to work with existing organisations and the various levels of government to enhance all aspects of life in the City.

We seek to inform residents who have problems through consultations with the City of Melbourne about all the functions that affect us – from the Annual Budget to planning policies, keeping our parks, gardens, streets and footpaths in good shape, controlling anti-social behaviour and many other issues.Further to that, the Residents 3000 is a member of the Police and Community Consultative Committee (PCCC). The underlying theme of these meetings addresses “community safety”. We occasionally (if necessary) make submission to Council Committees both in writing and by addressing them in session. We find that the Council and its officers welcome our input.

How Residents 3000 work to achieve our purpose:

  1. Active membership – of residents who know their area and the people in it. One of the benefits of City life, is that you really do get to know people around you – traders, tradies, residents, dog-walkers – everyone.
  2. Working closely with the various authorities, primarily the City of Melbourne, where we can talk directly with the decision-makers. Of course we don’t always agree, but good communication is essential if we are to be involved.
  3. Communicate with our members, associates and subscribers – this website is one way. We publish a monthly online Newsletter.
  4. On the first Thursday of every month we have pre-dinner drinks and socialising at the Kelvin Club usually with interesting speakers followed by light refreshments. Such events help people to meet, socialise and network. These meetings provide a forum for discussion and clarification of issues.
  5. We join with EastEnders Inc every third Tuesday of the month for coffee at 10am. Presently these morning coffee events start at 10am and are held at the Pomodoro Restaurant in Lonsdale Street. EastEnders often invite speakers who are available for consultation and discussion.