Follow-up of Owners Corporations and Building & Facilities Management …

Thank you to our November Forum 3000 guest speakers for an informative evening.

There was no shortage of interesting questions from the floor for the speakers, on how to deal with problematic issues which can arise, not only to do with owners corporation management, and facilities and building management, but also difficult or distressing issues with some committees.

Our guest speakers:

John Dall’Amico (principal of CBD Facility Management) provided a comprehensive overview and some interesting information of his team’s thorough and progressive staged process of the first 100 days of taking over the provision of building and facility management for a building in order to uncover, rectify, and manage building compliance, safety, and security issues, amongst many other requirements to capably maintain an apartment building. John was accompanied by members of his competent team.

Rick Deering (owner and director of Fawkner May) spoke about his experiences as owners corporation manager, especially when first taking over the owners corporation management of a building, quite often in a distressed state when more attention is needed to bring the owners corporation into compliance.

Anton Block (Principal Lawyer at KCL Law) provided information on new laws in relation to contract terms and information on terminating owners corporation managers, and the state of VCAT hearing procedures and delays since the pandemic.