Follow-up of Management of City Disruptions (Protests) …

Residents 3000 are pleased for those that attended our sixth Forum 3000 of the year, which was be held at the Kelvin Club, 14-30 Melbourne Place on Thursday, 4 July 2024.

Unfortunately, we heard a lot of complaints in relation to 40 weeks of non-stop protests happening every Sunday and some of the impacts caused by those protesters and the protests.

We are not against protests, but some of those especially on Sundays are affecting the livelihood of small businesses and the wellbeing of residents.

Please for those who do not live in the city remember when protesting in the city to respect others and their neighbourhood and private property.

Some info shared at the event:

  1. Each sticker (used by protesters) placed illegally on private property is costing rate payers between $62 to $92 dollars each to be removed depending on the day of the cleaning.
  2. A variety (age group) of city residents are feeling stressed and anxious being in the city on Sundays.
  3. Residents are preferring to not even leave their residence on Sundays caused by lack of feeling safe.
  4. The enormous costs to tax payers on having excessive number of police on every Sunday in order to have the protests on.
  5. The lack of support from state government for move-on laws, and enforcement law and permits to better address issues once conflicts arises.
  6. Excessive noise from protestors with drums and screaming causing excessive noise issues and anxiety to locals for 40 weeks non-stop.
  7. Protesters using streets to put stalls to commercialise merchandise related to the protest without any permits, creating an unfair environment where local small businesses and buskers currently need to apply for a permit.
  8. Antisemitic language used on t-shirts, flags, posters, and stickers.
  9. A large number of people avoiding visiting the CBD on the weekend.
  10. Federation Square could also be used as a place for a protest, and State Government to facilitate the use of it, to reduce city disruptions such as street closures and promote a safety for CBD stakeholders.
    Reasons why:
    1. It’s the biggest square in town and the only one designed for people, events, and other uses. Why is never utilised as a place for protests?
    2. It already presents a stage, and has bathroom facilities.
    3. It’s close to the biggest train station and one the biggest tram stops too, preventing patrons to leave the protesters blocking the streets and requesting large numbers of Police. Consequently creating a safe environment, cost effective, and reducing disruption to Residents and Businesses.
    4. The protests could start at Birrarung Marr and end at Federation Square. This would allow enormously less disruption to the entire city and not compromise the validation of the protest. Especially considering that Parliament House is empty on Sundays.
  11. Mobility access for those that depend on public transport, taxis, Uber, and trams to circulate around town. This includes city workers and people with disabilities, and elderly people that cannot get health workers to attend their residence during the protests.

We thank our guest speakers from City of Melbourne Safety, Security and Amenity Team, Victoria Police Melbourne East Command, and Members of Parliament who provided insights into the city disruptions caused by protests affecting the peaceful enjoyment of residents, workers, visitors, and tourists in the city.