Government, Melbourne City Council and other agencies

Federal Member of Parliament: Adam Bandt

Melbourne’s State Member of Parliament: Ellen Sandell 

Melbourne City Council

For any matter, including emergencies, the general contact details are:

City of Melbourne
Town Hall
90-120 Swanston Street
Melbourne, 3000
Victoria, Australia

PO Box 1603
Melbourne Vic 3001

Tel: +61 3 9658 9658
Fax: +61 3 9654 4854

It is worthwhile looking at the activities of these committees and their decisions. You will quickly see which Committees are likely to interest you most. In addition to looking on the web site, you can attend to watch the Council in action. Before the meeting is due to start, go to the Concierge in the Administration entrance to request a security pass for the meeting you wish to attend. You will be directed to the “public gallery”. If you have a particular interest in a matter a Committee has on its agenda, you can make a written submission. It is best to do this about 2 days in advance. Your submission will be included in the papers the Councillors have before them. In addition you may ask to address the Committee in support of your submission. This is normally agreed – in which case you have just 3 minutes to address them. Going to see your Council in action is interesting and useful.  It helps you to see the way decisions are reached and it helps the Councillors to know what you are interested in.

Other agencies

Environmental Protection Agency (noise, smell, fumes etc):

Tel: 03 9695 2722

Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (A free dispute mediation service):

Tel: 03 9603 8370

Tourism Victoria:

Melbourne Events