Noise can be an issue wherever you live, but activity of every kind can raise the volume in the City. Here are some facts and ideas –

  • the times of heavy construction work are limited – check it out on the City website Construction Management Plan guidelines
  • garbage bin collection by council’s Citywide is normally limited to between 6am and 11 pm New waste laws for the central city-1the City encourages double glazing in new residential developments. We suggest you have this on your check-list when buying into a busy area.Unfortunately, “Planning” does not require double glazing where there is a balcony, so sound intrusions and emissions are inconsistently controlled.

Keep an eye on proposed new developments in your neighbourhood – they may have a noise factor, either short term or permanent. You may need to raise issues at the planning stage. If you are unsure of what to do, please communicate with your Residents 3000 members or the committee, as early as possible.

Residents 3000 says to those thinking of moving into the CBD – look at the area/building you fancy very carefully. Before you move-in, look and listen, if possible at different times of the day/week. And talk to other nearby residents. If it is a matter of “noisy neighbours” in your building, we suggest you consult your Owners Corporation Rules. In any event it is best to approach your Managing Agent or Building Manager before starting a dispute with your neighbour which might escalate.

AND.. “Yes” 000 is the number to ring, contrary to the aggressive bloggers berating the CBD resident who called triple zero in the early hours because of loud music from a venue. Ring 000 and say you are reporting a noise complaint. You will be put through to Police. The after-hours EPA number is also 000. This is the right process, hopefully, after you have tried a more conciliatory approach with the venue.