Participate Melbourne

Participate Melbourne was launched in July 2013 to provide an additional online way for members of the community to understand and contribute to the decisions that shape Melbourne’s future.

The online community complements City of Melbourne existing engagement activities and supports their strong track record of engaging with community on the things that matter.

Participate Melbourne is part of City of Melbourne commitment to being a more accessible, transparent and responsive organisation. Through Participate Melbourne the City of Melbourne improves the opportunities for community to participate in and engage with their activities and decision-making. The City of Melbourne shares information about their decisions and performance and let the community know how our views have influenced what they do.

Participate Melbourne makes it easy for us to learn about, provide feedback and shape some of the most important projects, such as the Queen Victoria Market, 10 Year Financial Plan and Urban Forest Strategy and the Arts Strategy.

It is simple to join the online conversation and by signing up, we can find out about new projects and stay up-to-date with the progress of existing projects.

It’s free, easy, interesting and best of all we are helping us create an even better Melbourne.

To see their current projects and also find updates on previous projects visit their website here.