June 2022 – update

Forum 3000 – Police, VGCCC and the City of Melbourne street safety annual meeting

Residents 3000 are pleased to invite you to our next Forum 3000, which will be held at the Kelvin Club (14-30 Melbourne Place) on Thursday the 2nd June at 6:00pm. Joining us for the event will be:

  • Dean Robertson | Director, City Safety, Security and Amenity – City of Melbourne
  • Dinah Tremain | Neighbourhood Policing Coordinator, Melbourne CBD – Victoria Police
  • Glenn McFarlane | Leading Senior Constable Crime Prevention Officer – Victoria Police
  • Paul Murtagh | Team Leader Compliance – VGCCC
Image source: http://melbournestreet.net/

If you are a resident or business in the city, and have some concerns or questions about citizen safety in the city, then this is an event you don’t want to miss!

The registration table opens at 6:00pm, the guest presentations start at 6:30pm.
Finger food will be served at the event. Drinks available from the Kelvin Club bar. 

The event is free for our current members. If your membership has lapsed you are welcome to renew at $25 per person. Non-members will be asked to contribute $5 to cover costs. New members welcome!