Planning and Development

The City Council controls most development in the CBD. Those wishing to construct or change buildings, erect signage or change anything that affects “streetscape” must apply for a permit. If you wish to change any external feature of your apartment (such as erecting a pergola or enclosing a balcony), you will need, firstly, the consent of your Owners Corporation.Then you will need to make a permit application to the City of Melbourne. Following procedures can avoid many a heartache. If you are aware of any planned developments in your area, consider them carefully –  you can see the file of any application at the City Council Development Planning Branch.

  • All developments over 25,000 sq. feet go to the Minister at the Department of Planning & Community Development (DPCD) and by-pass the Council. This is a great pity as we residents do not have any right to object.
  • Heritage is concernedly under threat as developers seek to disregard overlays. Queen Victoria Market is the subject of local dismay being both prime real estate and  having high heritage significance.
  • We residents can access City of Melbourne’s Planning Register Online for information on a specific  permit application CoM Planning Register Online-20 . For any additional information contact (03) 9658 8692 at Town Hall.

We are also consulted by the Council on many other plans and policies – eg Health Policy, Parks and Gardens, Laneways and so on. So stay in touch as we try to bring you the latest……