Residents Matters

We all share an interest in the health and amenity of the City – residents, business, cafes, the Council, welfare groups, the police and all.

We often refer to the  CBD as a series of “precincts” or “neighbourhoods”. For convenience, Residents 3000 has 4 arbitrary sections  more affectionately known as the “East End”, “Paris End”, “Heritage” and “Riverside”, (Bourke and Elizabeth Streets being the dividers).

Good development has done wonders for our City. In 1978 a professor of urban studies said we had “an empty, useless city centre”. By 2004 a Danish expert said we had “a lively, liveable and vibrant city” and commented on the distinctive, exciting neighbourhoods as one walked through the City.

Some of the issues of interest to us all:

What can I do?

As we have said, our City is a series of neighbourhoods or “precincts”.

You know your neighbourhood best. So you can contribute to R3000 by letting us know what is happening around you – good and not so good.

And if you have even a little time, there are a number of ways you can help, from Committee work, to researching, to taking part in consultations with the City and other authorities, to writing submissions, to letterboxing and of course meeting other residents.