Our Streets & Parking

Curbs, Gutters and Rubbish

These may appear mundane matters – but have a big impact on our lives, especially as we are primarily pedestrians/walkers.

  • we support the City’s program for replacing uneven tarmac on footpaths with “bluestone” pavers. And the replacement of sand around street trees, with a fixed pebble base;
  • residents and others should always report broken/dangerous utility inspection pit covers (Telstra, water, electricity, gas etc) – they are dangerous. Ring the Town Hall on 9658 9658;
  • call the Police if you see unacceptable street behaviour; drinking, fighting, tipping over bins etc are dangerous as well as illegal. Ring 000;
  • all rubbish bins should only be on the street when due for collection. Some bins remain out for long periods – please ring the city on 9658 9658. Or contact Health Services at Town Hall. For issues west of Swanston Street – sue.clarke@melbourne.vic.gov.au and issues east of Swanston Street – leanne.edwards@melbourne.vic.gov.au
  • We made this submission to a State Government Review of the problems of Litter.

City Parking Issues

  • City parking can be problematic to many, and we suggest you have look at these links which may answer your questions. Otherwise please contact us with specific details and we shall pass them on to City of Melbourne…here we go…Parking permits…..Parking hours in the central city and some car parks which are comparable price-wise to street parking…Car parks