Residents 3000 event – Forum 3000 – Urban Forest and Greening Laneways

You are invited to our next Forum 3000 – a Residents 3000 monthly event, which will be held on Thursday, 3rd August 2017 at the Kelvin Club (14-20 Melbourne Place just off Russell Street). Registrations and pre-drinks start at 6.00pm and our guests presentations commence at 6.30pm.

This month’s topics are Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy and Greening Laneways.
The City of Melbourne is facing significant challenges of climate change, population growth and urban heating, placing pressure on the built fabric, services and people of the city. A healthy urban forest will play a critical role in maintaining the health and liveability of Melbourne. The Urban Forest Strategy seeks to manage this change and protect against future vulnerability by providing a robust strategic framework for the evolution and longevity of Melbourne’s urban forest.

From growing vertical gardens to planting trees and creating pocket parks, many of our laneways have enormous potential to become the city’s backyard. There are over two hundred lanes in the central city, making up an area of almost nine hectares – bigger than Flagstaff Gardens. We have established the Green Your Laneway program to help transform the city’s laneways into leafy, green and useable spaces for everyone to enjoy.

For the discussion we invited guest speakers from the City of Melbourne: Kelly Hertzog – Urban Forester, Thami Croeser – Project Officer for Greening Laneways, Ken Meese – Waste Standards Officer, and Nicolette Vaszolyi – Community Relations Coordinator. Our guests will provide further insight into these City of Melbourne projects and will be there to answer any of your queries.

We look forward to seeing you at this interesting event organised by Residents 3000. Refreshments will be served following the event. The Kelvin Club bar is available throughout for attendees enjoyment.

The event is free for our current members. If your membership has lapsed you are welcome to renew at $25 per person. Non-members will be asked to contribute $5 to cover costs. New members welcome!