Forum 3000 event – Melbourne CBD Owners Corporations update

Forum 3000 – Melbourne CBD Owners Corporation Update with Fawkner May

Residents 3000 would like to invite you to our next Forum 3000 event on Thursday, 3rd November 2022 at the Kelvin Club (14-20 Melbourne Place just off Russell Street).

The topic for this meeting is the updates on the Owners Corporation Act from last year. Our guest speakers, Anton Block, Principal Lawyer at KCL Law, and Rick Deering, Company Owner / Director at Fawkner May will present the update and then will take questions from the audience.

During the evening we will also have representatives from Strata Community Association.

Guest Speakers Bio

Anton Block, Principal Lawyer at KCL Law

Throughout his career, Anton has focused on litigation and dispute resolution in respect of commercial transactions, negligence, trespass, leases (both commercial and retail), property contracts, Trade Practice issues, owners corporations, restrictive covenants, environmental issues, adverse possession, nuisance, building disputes and insolvency matters.

Anton also has extensive Owners Corporations practice in which he acts for owners corporations, managers and lot owners. His expertise extends to all aspects the Owners Corporation industry including providing advice and guidance on the Owners Corporations Act and its Regulations, interpreting plans of subdivision, drafting rules and resolutions, chairing meetings of members, attending and guiding committees and running litigation.

Anton’s approach to litigation is entirely outcome focused in that he works with the client to identify the objective of engaging in the litigation (either as plaintiff or defendant), to agree on a strategy to achieve that objective and then to implement that strategy. His approach is to be a problem-solver and to help clients find the solutions to their problems.

Anton heads up the Owners Corporation team at KCL Law which includes 5 other lawyers whose collective experience covers levy collection, defect claims, leasing, conversion of stratum to strata and property matters.

Rick Deering, Company Owner / Director and Certified Practising Strata Manager at Fawkner May

Rick has had senior management experience in construction, insurance and property. He knows about buildings, risk and property management.
For 7 years Rick was the Victorian General Manager for SSKB, a large national strata manager based in Queensland. Rick built the Victorian business virtually from scratch and his management portfolio boasted some of Melbourne’s iconic buildings.

In addition, Rick worked with major property developers to assist in bringing their new projects to fruition which in turn lead to the management of the Owners Corporations.

In 2014 he branched out on his own creating Fawkner May as a niche Owners Corporation Manager to service the needs of Owners Corporations and Property Developers in inner Melbourne and the CBD.