Follow-up of Health & Wellbeing in the City …

An informative and enjoyable evening was experienced by attendees of the October Forum 3000 event on Health & Wellbeing in the City, according to the positive feedback received.

Olivia Ng, Community Wellbeing, co-ordinator of the Ageing and Inclusion Team; and Rei Chin, Neighbourhood Partner CBD, Community Development, City of Melbourne, informed attendees of council’s current projects and many available avenues to remain active and engaged with others in the community.

Dr Hugh Leslie, a GP at CBD Doctors Melbourne, then provided a presentation with valuable statistics and interesting information to the group with the aim of getting CBD dwellers to consider improving or changing their habits and exercise regimes to more likely lead to not only an improved lifespan, but also, healthspan – by attempting to prevent or delay the main diseases of aging.

This was followed by Nick Nicolaidis, centre leader and physiotherapist, Kieser Collins Street, who delivered a practical presentation with sometimes confronting information, statistics, and case studies which showed the benefits of physical activity, not only aerobic, but also weight bearing, to improved long-term health outcomes.

Thank you to the guest speakers whose presentations were complimentary to each other, with the same message overall which supports a healthy and active lifestyle into older age and retirement. And thank you also to all our members, guests, and friends who attended and participated, and for their interesting questions at the event.